We are very excited launch this fantastic dwarf Buddleja!. Our Buddleja varieties have full-sized, graceful, tapering flower spikes on a shorter, more compact plant (70cm). They flower from May/June to hard frosts (-20) and are delightfully scented. And of course, they attract butterflies like nobody’s business!



BUZZ™ Ivory
Creamy-white flower spikes.

BUZZ™ Magenta Improved
Intense magenta flower spikes.

BUZZ™ Purple
Luscious deep-purple flower spikes.

BUZZ™ Lavender

 Rich lavender flower spikes.

BUZZ™ Sky Blue
Cool sky-blue flowers.

BUZZ™ Velvet
Deep rich magenta flower spikes.


care flowers2BUZZ™ Butterfly Bush are excellent for planting in the front of a house to add cottage garden flavor, or they can be planted in a mixed flower garden behind shorter plants to add height and interest. They are perfect as a cut flower and produce so many wonderfully scented flowers, you can always have more than enough for the garden and the table. And not to forget: butterflies absolutely LOVE BUZZ™! 


Because BUZZ™ varieties are smaller and better branching, they are ideal in containers either alone—used as “mobile bouquets”—or mixed with other plants. They are easy to grow in containers that are 16” in diameter or larger when planted in a high-quality potting soil. They prefer a full-sun location and will bloom best in a container when fertilized with a balanced plant food every few weeks.

Because BUZZ™ Butterfly Bushes literally cover themselves with flowers, they need to be grown in good soil or fertilized every few weeks, with regular watering during hot and dry weather to prevent wilting. Removing spent flower spikes will make for tidy-looking plants and keep new flowers coming. If they grow larger than you would like, you can simply cut the plants back and they will quickly regrow and begin blooming again. Flowering will slow or stop in the winter depending on your climate, but if you cut the plants back to 12” tall when the blooming slows, when spring comes they will grow quickly into a beautiful bush and cover themselves in flowers again until the following winter.

Here are a few Hibiscus I took on my Ipad this morning... They're really looking beautiful!


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Twice As Nice


Attractive grey leaves with white margins. Grows well in rich well-drained soil in full sun. Flowers - strong bi-color red to white appearing for many months in winter.

A good aloe for small gardens and mass plantings.

Hardy (-4'C), drought resistant.

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