Planthaven Nursery was founded by Johan and Ann van Rooyen in 1995. Their Father Peter Terry and Brother Glen Terry were also in the Nursery industry with Peter specializing in sprouted palm seedlings and Glen in Hibiscus, large Palms, and also retail.

Johan and Ann started growing Palms as their main crop focusing on ten different palm varieties and word quickly spread about the good quality palms grown in Margate by the ex Policeman Johan van Rooyen.

In 2000 Planthaven started growing a few Hibiscus and some perennial colour, and the company started in its 180 degree turn around.

Since then Planthaven has grown it's crop range and operates off two farms both situated in Margate. We now grow fantastic quality Hibiscus, perennial colour for all seasons, Herbs, and a great range of New Plants for the South African market.

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